As I figured, I’m experiencing carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms.   After living with carbohydrate addiction for so long, my body has come to not only want but need carbs.  Since I’m depriving my body of carbs, it’s rebelling.   Just like any other withdrawal, the symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal after so many years of carbohydrate addiction are just as physical as the addiction side effects.

Here’s some of the things I’m experiencing:

  • Headache.  I’ve had a dull, pounding headache for a few days now.  Unlike the headache that I used to get with blood sugar crashes, this one just won’t go away.  Advil just takes the edge off, but my head still feels sore.
  • Diarrhea.  I don’t know if it’s because my body is adjusting to a high protein diet, or because I’m detoxing all the stored sugar.   I don’t care what’s causing it, I just want it over and done with.
  • Moodiness.  Good lord, I feel sorry for my family.  I’m grouchy, and alternate between grunting replies to yelling for little reason.
  • Exhaustion.  My body had been accustomed to several big bursts of energy throughout the day, and now it doesn’t have that.   My body will have to retrain itself to use the higher-quality forms of energy I’m feeding it (in the form of vegetables, fruits, and limited whole grains).

I can’t wait until these symptoms pass.  I’ve read that within a few days, I should be feeling more clear-headed, more energetic, and less moody.   I’m ready to experience a life in which I’m not tethered to or ruled by carbohydrate addiction.  I’m sure my family is eager for the carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms to pass, too….